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Have I missed National Prayer Day? Holy Crap!

Played Café Drummonds in Aberdeen the other week for about the hundredth time. A Bombskare gig in Drummonds has become something of an institution, like National Prayer Day. All the best people can be seen there. We love it. It combines the glamour of sweating with the convenience of not stopping. As ever we kicked off at around midnight, which means getting home at around 5am usually. But it’s worth it for the banter. Two hours of hot, sweaty nonsense, followed by two hours of crammed into a car with four other sweaty men, ah the musk! How can you not love it?

We also played in Dunfermline with the reconstituted and rejuvenated Esperanza who were outstanding. But nothing else worth mentioning happened then.

Back into the studio again, with the mixing, always with the mixing. We made our way down to Silverburn in the snow for two days of solid studio work. We brought Colin down this time because he is easily the hardest working member of the band as you can see from the photos. Gav was also on hand to bring his aura of cool to the proceedings, and I was there to take silly pictures and to tell them that they were doing a good job. We also put a take of Colin playing his hand built tongue drum onto one of the tracks. Sounds nice. We now have about a third of the album more or less completed as far as recording and mixing goes. Still mastering to be done but we’ll do all the tracks at once naturally.

We can also confirm for definite that our single launch will definitely be in Edinburgh at The Bongo Club on Friday the 20th of June. Doors from 7 till 10pm. Probably a fiver on the door, but what do you care what it costs? You get to come and see us and buy our single and have a smashing time, and who could put a price on that?

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