A Million Ways To Die

We’ve been a bit quiet of late as we’ve been preparing to give you a brand new album and you don’t have to wait any longer as it’s available to pre-order “A Million Ways To Die” from our online shop. Some acts like to tease out the anticipation for months before but we don’t do that. We understanding that parting with your cash at the end of January can be difficult (particularly if you overindulged down the pub over your Christmas holidays) but you won’t have long to wait for those perfect bundles to arrive through your door. We just need some time to package them and tie a pretty bow on (no refunds if the bows are either non-existent nor pretty). The album will ‘officially’ be out on 1st March but those pre-ordering will receive their packages before anyone else.

We also want to show you all how much we love you so pre-orders get a couple of extra special gifts. Firstly, you’ll get a free download of our new single ‘Slow Lane’ as well as the exceptional honour of joining the BombSquad. This decoration will get you access to a member-only Facebook Group to chat amongst yourselves and with us and will also give you early access to tickets, merch, news and loads of fun stuff and discounts (as we think them up).

We put our lives (almost literally) and souls into this album, everything about it, from the studio sessions to the creation of the artwork, feels like it’s somehow captured the energy of our live shows. When we were shooting the cover images Andy was actually hanging off the side of a 3 storey building with a martini glass in one hand. We hope that people have as much fun listening to it as we have had making it!

The new album is available on limited edition 12” Gatefold vinyl, CD and digital as well as bundles being available from our store.

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2 Responses to A Million Ways To Die

  1. Andrew Dinning says:

    Canni wait to hear your new album! Unfortunately I can’t make it to the launch party, completely gutted! But hopefully I’ll be able to catch you somewhere other (or as well as) the Fringe by the Sea! And again many, many thanks for what you guys did for my daughter Dawn, she still raves about you! I’ll let her listen to the new album in April when she is back! Keep skanking!!

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