Andy and the Lama


Website and blog backlog sorted. Well done those web-monkeys at the Bomblab…

Whenever important dignitaries visit Scotland, we always like to send a representative from the band for a quick meet and greet. To touch base if you will, and to share a modest meal. To let them know that all is well in the universe that is Scottish Ska. Okay maybe not universe. Galaxy perhaps. A big empty space at any rate. Anyway, a couple of years ago His Holiness the Dalai Lama visited Scotland and it was Andy’s turn to represent the band (It was my turn last time when O.J Simpson was over). The Dalai Lama, or D.L as we know him, was simply delighted to meet Andy face to face and to shake his hand, and just to exchange a few words with this remarkable man. He was visibly moved, as you would be. Andy and the Lama also shared a quiet meal, Andy’s famous beans on toast. Not as impressive as when Nelson Mandela was over and Colin gave him a bowl of Sugar Puffs. Now that’s class!

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