Back In The Burgh


We went to London last weekend and one week later I’m still completely exhausted from the drive probably because of my advanced age. Jimi Hendrix didn’t have to worry about being 37 and tired. Or snapping strings because he couldn’t play properly. Great gig. Brixton is our new home from home, although every time we go there it seems to be during the worst weather in recorded history. The last time there was flooding on a biblical scale and people died. This time there was flooding on a biblical scale and people died, plus we personally witnessed the aftermath of two fatal crashes. In London we drove past a burning car on the M40. It’s as if some higher power doesn’t want us to play in London, some mad, spiteful god who hates ska. Fortunately for us we don’t believe in a higher power, unless you mean Elvis. Last time we were the support band for Chris Tummings, this time we were supported by the East Park Reggae Collective who were excellent. We bought their album and can recommend it unreservedly.

Over seven hundred of you turned up to support our charity Halloween bash at The Picture House which turned out to be a terrific night; a big thank you to all of you from all of us. The money we raised is going to do a lot of good in both Cambodia and Malawi, not to mention right here in Edinburgh. We’re not sure exactly how much was raised yet but it was a great success. Big thanks to Mystery Juice and Stanley Odd who were both fantastic. Everyone loves Mystery Juice of course, who have been around since the Renaissance, and almost as influential, on Western Civilisation. Stanley Odd haven’t been around as long, but their front man, Mr Dave Hook is an old friend of the band from our gigs with D.O.P.E a few years back. They were on top form and I’m sure they are going to be huge. Their new single is excellent.

We only had an hour to play but we included four new tunes. We started the set with new tune ‘Catastrofuck’ which is our longest tune yet, over five minutes depending how quick we play it. Also ‘Mr Undiplomatic’, ‘Home Alone’, and ‘Get Gone’. All brand new. One unfortunate side effect of the Halloween make up we were wearing was that within a minute it started running into our eyes and blinding us. Some of us played almost the whole set half blind. Murray had no such problems since he was dressed as Borat and Sam was too sensible to get his face painted before he had to play the drums for an hour. There were many excellent costumes but the best Halloween costume had to be my mate Stevie who was dressed like Freddie Mercury in the video for ‘I Want to Break Free’, complete with stockings and hoover. They made him check his hoover into the cloakroom though. Thanks to the stage invaders too, some people just get so excited they can’t help themselves. Thanks to my old friend Ian for the photos. Great night, but next time we play in Edinburgh we are definitely going to make sure we get to play at least an hour and three quarters. That should be standard.

Our next gig is also our last gig of the year. It’s over at the new Greensider in Leslie, Fife, and it’s a terrific line up; us, The Amphetameanies and Joe Viterbo. It’s the Sunday before Christmas but if you can you should make it to this one; it’s going to be a belter. We have a few weeks until then so we’ll be concentrating on new material. In the last four months we have written something like ten new songs. It’s probably the most creative period we’ve had in the last five years, and we’re still at it. We are having a wee rest for a week then we are back into the studio. More tunes to write and record. I think a new single might be in order. How exciting.

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