Dundee to Glasgow Non Stop


Busy week in camp Bombskare. Although not as busy as we would like. Coloursound, our rehearsal haunt, is no more. And new improved Coloursound, isnt actually new and improved as yet, but soon hopefully. So cut a long story short, there has been no rehearsal for the last few weeks. Also, our recording has been on hold for the last and next wee while, as the studio is physically rebuilt, so we have been focusing our efforts into writing new material. It can sometimes be hard to rehearse new material when you have a busy gigging schedule but the break from recording the album gives us the opportunity to write another album.

First gig this week was a return to the Doghouse with the mighty Big Hand. The big hand chaps have been busy recording the third part of their ep trilogy in glasgow, and so it was a welcome return to Dundee with them. Luke insists that dundee is not the home of marmalade as i have insisted somewhere before, but as i said before it is the home of dundee marmalde, so naturally, I’m right.

Anyhow, the Doghouse on saturday was a good night. Kick off from homegrown fife heroes Mr Greenfinger who played a good set. We played with them last year at linkylea and will be again later this month in Leslie.

Every song seems to be about weed or getting wasted, so they were obviously a big hit with us. Big Hand played a great set which included a fairly new track about pirates, which was also obviously a big hit with us. AAArrggh! They didn’t play the track Big Hand which has been the backbone of their set since Postillion days, which i was mildly disappointed about it, but i got over it.

Our set included the groove twistin Hand of Fate and live favourite Inspector Gadget which was a hoot as always. I love watching peoples faces as realisation sets in. We also threw in a cover of Pressure Drop after someone in the audience claimed they had never heard of Toots and the Maytals. It was also the debut of my new schecter guitars. Hmmm. Lovely lipstick style pickups and a ying and yang two tone finish. And they sound huge.

Monday night was a mayday ska special at the bongo club back in the burgh. With just us and big hand, i was worried that it would be just another wet monday night in the toon, but I was wrong. The bongo was respectfully busy considering it was relatively short notice. We opened for a change and played more or less the same set as saturday but with the inclusion of Panic Button and trying to grow a chin. And for laughs we did a cover of Long shot kick de bucket which is fun because it features Colin on lead guitar. Big Hand followed and played a huge set and this time they played the track Big Hand, with yours truly storming the stage and commandeering the lead vocals. It was the high point of my night, to be sure. Then for the last song, the russian one, we had a proper stage invasion with the bombskare brass, young trumpeteer jen, and old Big hand veteran Joe, on yet another trumpet, so it really was horntastic. It was a great night and judging by the response everyone had a ball.

Our next outing is this thursday at nice and sleazies in glasgow, with our friends Dick Dangerous and the Love the Bastards. You heard me right.

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