Dundee was Fun for me

Dundee is the place to be!! Controversial? Perhaps. Its the home of Dundee marmalde, Oor Wullie, Oor Mathew and once had Winston Churchill as an MP, but it curiously has a chronic shortage of ska. No more. We played our first proper gig of the year in Fundee on Saturday. And it was a pretty exceptional gig thanks to a crowd that were definitely up for it. Thanks again to our good mates Big Hand for inviting us to play on their tour, and for letting us use their stuff. I had to borrow Tims lovely mother of pearl Tele when I broke a string on my badly abused thinline. Ta for that. It was also the ‘night of the sticky valves’ as both Phil and Colin had trumpet issues. In my opinion these horn players spend too much time jumping around on stage like nutters, and not enough time at home in the bath with their horns. Bit of soapy water goes a long way. Hmmmm.

But what a great night on Saturday. I have never been to the Doghouse before but I recommend it as a venue to play in and to watch bands. The band room is at the top of a two storey cast iron spiral staircase, which is hilarious when everyone is drunk. We played first for about an hour. Kicked off with our spaghetti western theme tune ‘A Fistful Of Dynamite. Tried out a couple of new tunes including ‘Hand of Fate’, ‘Damaged Goods’ and also ‘Panic Button’, and also threw in a couple of our covers ‘Trying To Grow A Chin’ by Frank Zappa and ’54-46 was my number’ by Toots and the Maytals, both of which we have been playing for years, but what the hell, we hadnt been there before and everyone should experience them once. Thanks to Fiona for doing our merchandising at short notice, and to Lara for driving Andy and Colin up. We will definitely be up to The Doghouse again.

Big Hand played a blinder. Sounds like they have been having a great time down in London, recording in George Martins recording studio and hob nobbing with the rich and famous. Nice. We were invited to join them on their other Scottish dates but couldn’t make it, cos we’re all so busy, see? Anyway we have recording matters to attend to ourselves, mainly our long awaited album. Drums are safely recorded and guide vocals and guitars. Next up are Matts keys.

Next gig is up north again, this time away up in the hielands, with our compadres, the stupendous and splendiforous Disciples of Panic Earth; they are very dangerous, no? Inverness on the 17th, and then Dingwall on the 18th. Thats fifteen of us and a five hundred mile round trip. You know its going to be pretty messy because last time we were there, although we played a great gig, there was the incident with the clock, and I was so drunk that I wasnt allowed to sleep indoors. Not this time though cos I’m driving. Anyway this time is going to be even better/worse. After that its Aberdeen on the 25th. Those lucky highlanders. When are we playing Edinburgh next? The question on everyones lips!! Probably sometime in March. Not sure where. Watch this space

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