Fear and Loathing In London.


So we went to London to play at the Notting Hill carnival, which was fun, at a place called Inn on the Green. Nice wee place but the PA broke so we had comedy microphones that kept cutting in and out. Still we did a decent set and were followed by two quality bands, Matted Dreads and Maroon Town. By the end we were all pretty drunk and were shouting and arguing in the street much to the delight of the English policemen, who observed “Ah it’s the Scots, locked in battle with their age old enemy, the Scots!” We were a little concerned about the constabulary down there before we went, in case they thought the band name was a little too provocative, but no such bother. We have been around a lot longer than The War Against Terror (TWAT for short) and longer than Operation Iraqi Liberation (OIL for short) so once we explained that we were a ska band, everything was cool bananas.

The trip there and back was our usual hair raising Hunter S Thompson type escapade. 900 miles round trip with no sleep. I wont go into details in case it comes back to me, but suffice to say that I am officially the hardest member of Bombskare, and that’s up against some pretty stiff competition. I mean……. have you seen some of those guys? Anyway Dr Thompson would have been proud of me. Next gig is down in Coldstream. Oh yeah!

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