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Apologies to anyone who witnessed or was caught in the crossfire of the altercation at our gig in Drummonds on Saturday. It was very unprofessional obviously. Colin and I occasionally have these little philosophical disagreements. He expounds a position that moral or ethical propositions do not reflect absolute and universal moral truths, but instead make claims relative to social, cultural, historical or personal circumstances, and that no universal standard exists by which to assess an ethical proposition’s truth. Whereas I hold a position that there are absolute standards against which any moral arguments can be judged and that certain actions are right or wrong regardless of context. Obviously this argument has been going on a long time and won’t be easily resolved, but we have agreed not to let it happen in public again and will be saving it for Fight Club. Apologies again to Eric and all the staff at Drummonds. We are all the best of friends again.

Lets change the subject.

Recording has been progressing well. Guitar parts are now totally finished. We have completed most of the keyboard parts and most of the horns were done on Monday. Still to do: Some more horn parts, some harmonica parts, some editing, and then finally, onto the vocals. This can take a while sometimes because you can only really get a good performance out of a vocalist for so many hours per day, or in my case about one good performance every two or three days. Luckily I’m not doing much singing. Its all down to Messrs Graham and P.

As mentioned in our forum, we will be supporting the legendary Skatalites in May up in Lochinver. This is a bit of a dream come true for us, playing with one of the original ska bands even though the original band split in the mid sixties. The current line up still has three original members from the 1964 line up. And they will be playing through our equipment too. I’ll never wash my amp again.

Next gigs are Orkney and then Aviemore. Its our first time in Aviemore so we will be firing on all cylinders. Is nice!

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