Fringe By The Sea


We’ve played plenty festival gigs this summer but one of the best gigs we’ve played was the Spiegel tent at the Fringe By The Sea with our chums Taking Chase. We’ve played North Berwick loads in the past, and it’s always excellent with an amazing crowd, and this time was no exception. It was touch and go at first whether or not we could do it; Sam and Matt were both busy with other bands. However the Spiegel tent is such a great venue and we really wanted to do the gig, plus we get to play with Taking Chase again.

We broke ‘Howling Mad Vini Bonar out of the retirement home for this one, to dep for Samuel, and just pretended Matt was there. Taking Chase were awesome as always, new tunes and everything. My favourite is still ‘Columbo Likes The Nightlife’ which as most of you probably know, takes it’s name from the season twelve DVD of Columbo (episode eight). Episode seven is called ‘Murder With Too Many Notes’, which coincidentally, was the first ever review of Bombskare. I kid. Seriously though, Taking Chase use far more notes than us. We use four or five notes, your C’s and G’s obviously, usually quavers. They use loads. All kinds. Hemi demi semi quavers, semi-breves, F sharps, everything. If I was in their band, that would be the first thing to go, the F sharps. It’s not common knowledge but I once asked to join Taking Chase, a while back. They said, “aren’t you that fat, bald guy with the bad attitude from Bombskare?” to which I replied no, that’s Joe. “Aren’t you that short, fat, bald guy with the bad attitude from Bombskare?” to which I confessed, yeah that’s me. There’s no denying it. They just laughed at me, pityingly. “In any case”, they said, “you break too many strings.” It is true. I’m barred from most guitar shops. I don’t even play the guitars; they just vibrate with tension when I walk past. I’m like a Ring-wraith to guitar strings. However I am not evil. At worst, misunderstood.

Our set comprised of the usual hits, too numerous to enumerate. ‘Do All Dogs Go To Heaven?’ is proving to be this year’s hit, followed by ‘Freedom 35’. You may be interested to know that both songs are in the process of being recorded, and may make an appearance, sooner rather than later. It’s all part of Project Bombskare Second Album, which is Top Secret at the minute. Some previews might be in order. All in good time. We’ll be in Aberdeen soon, and after that it’s our charity Halloween gig. Details of that to follow.

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