Goodbye 2006.


And so the end is near…

Or the beginning, whichever part of the big cycle you happen to be at..

Back to Glasgow on the 10th of December as guests of the splendid Joe Viterbo and also My Own Religion who were wicked and reminded me of our associates Taking Chase, that is to say hard rocking, very melodic yet tricky as fuck punky Ska, the best kind of Ska. Ska with balls. They played a tune called Shoot a Fucking Cop, which impressed Andy and Colin so much that we played an impromptu cover of Fuck The Police by NWA, for some reason. Don’t ask me why. It was one of those mob psychology moments.
Good gig and also Sam’s birthday so he was drunk as fuck. Good to see Jane and Lindsay from The Amphetameanies and Claire and Jake from Esperanza. This was supposed to be the last gig of the year but we managed to slip in one final gig of the year up in Inverness on the 28th at Mad Hatters and it was a great gig to end the year on. The place was mobbed and the crowd was fantastic. We played a bunch of our new tracks including ‘Don’t Give It All Away’ and ‘The Day The Earth Stood Stupid’. It was a perfect end to a great year. Will definitely be back in Inverness soon.

We’ve played some great gigs this year, made a lot of new friends and have managed to make a decent headway into the recording of our new album after all the trouble we had at the beginning of the year with the loss of Coloursound. Thanks to all the bands we’ve played with, thanks to all the promoters and sound engineers for making the gigs good fun, thanks to all our friends and families for putting up with all the silly hours and drunken outbursts, but most importantly thanks to all those sweaty people jumping about on the other side of the monitors who paid hard earned cash to listen to us do what we love doing. Peas for 2007.


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