How I Stopped Worrying and Loved The Bomb


Usually we would begin with a bit of nonsense such as jokes about tea bagging or necromancy or something, but this time I would like to focus on something much more serious, and a subject close to my heart, which we will now address in this week’s edition of ‘What the Fuck!’ The other week as I was sitting down to watch the live ‘news’ coverage of Jade Goody’s funeral on Sky ‘News’, I accidentally switched over and caught a bit of one of Barack Obama’s speeches whilst he was touring Europe. In his speech he mentioned that perhaps we should all be disarming our nuclear bombs and start getting along with each other. I don’t know much about him but I’m pretty sure he’s never been in a ten-piece ska band before. The thought of disarming makes me shudder, I mean, these days I don’t go to rehearsals or gigs without my flick baseball bat; it’s like a knife but a bit more decisive, and believe me if I had a flick nuke I’d probably bring that too. We’d get a lot more work done. Getting along with each other, Ha! I was outraged, as I often am. This kind of anti bomb rhetoric sickens me. Don’t you think bombs have feelings? Don’t you know bombs care?

Moving on. We continue to get positive feedback about the album from people and not just about the layout and designs. One person said to me it sounds like a real album by a real band and not just a bunch of clowns on the make. My personal favourite was someone saying ‘it sounds fuck all like ye’, about the greatest compliment I can think of. I’d just like to say to all those people, stop calling me.

We thought once we had recorded the album we wouldn’t have to gig so much. We could be in many places at once so to speak but sadly no, promoters demand the real thing in person. Therefore we have been pretty busy of late with a run of dates beginning with the Bongo Club in Da Burgh at the Ska Dance Craze, celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of the release of the single ‘Gangsters’, the first Two Tone single. After that we’ve been to Stereo in Glasgow with Esperanza who were cracking as usual; The Brickyard in Carlisle with the Northern Reggae Generator (who we hadn’t heard or met before but were absolutely excellent) and with our Vini depping for Sam; Café Drummonds in Aberdeen with The Hostiles (second time with them and they were excellent); and Leslie in Fife with the Roots boys and The Fire and I. It’s all a bit of a blur frankly. We would like to mention that we particularly enjoyed the return to The Greensider. The place looks awesome now and is about twice the size, which makes the sound even better. A pleasure to be back, in particular because it was our first chance to play with The Fire And I, a two piece band who were unbelievable, and of course a chance to see Root System with their new drummer Ryan. The boys done good! We’ll be reprising that gig back at Stereo in Glasgow.

Rehearsing new material. We have also been back in the studio, doing stuff and shit. Nothing to report on that just yet but its good to get back to recording something for a laugh and doing it quickly rather than the huge cost and effort of recording a full album. We’ve also been working on the live recording from our album launch. We’ll keep you posted on that. Next stop Knoydart.

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