In The Kingdom of the Blind Drunk, the Half-cut Man is King


We returned to The Greenside in Leslie the other day for a nice quiet gig with our mates Mr Green finger (who have reinvented themselves as Root System) and also Joe Viterbo who we haven‘t played with since last year. I know they have been really busy of late, what with babies being born and trips to Poland and such, but I swear they are twice as good as they were last year, and they were awesome last year so watch out for them. I got a copy of their album into the bargain.

Did I say a nice quiet gig? The last time we were there we had pitchers of Margaritas on the stage with us as well as our usual supply of beer and lager, which made for an interesting set. Afterwards we went to a party, where the only thing I can really remember is there was a chap with tattooed hands wandering about with a bottle of liquid LSD, and rubbing it onto peoples wrists. The venue itself is a wee place but what a great atmosphere. The only trouble this time is that we were playing on a Sunday so most of us had to head back to Edinburgh for work on Monday which meant no mad party for us. I’m nearly always designated driver too, which is bullshit. I’ve driven approximately twenty two thousand miles this year. A long way to go for Ska music.

More recording. We’ve spent almost a hundred hours in the studio so far, not including all the long hours of editing in Cubase. Don‘t ask how much money that is. And would you believe we haven’t even recorded the guitars yet. Our next gigs will be part of our world tour of Scotland with our compadres The Big Hand, who are another one of these bands that keep getting better, damn their eyes! Watch out for us in Dundee, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. We’ve also been working on more new tunes which are sounding great. We almost have enough material for a new album. Which should be out sometime in 2050.

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