Leaving Glas Vegas


One of the common charactristics of genius is that true geniuses almost never finish anything they start. Like Leonardo da Vinci. He started lots of projects and they took years to complete, if they ever got completed. So when you ask yourselves, how come Bombskare haven’t finished their album yet, I want you to think of Leonardo.

Two gigs the other week, one in Glasgow and one in Coldstream, one as Bombskare and one as our alter ego, Skaramanga. The reasons for the nom de plume are two; first so that we can play gigs with band members missing or in some cases, playing different instruments; and second to try out new material. So Friday was Bombskare in Coldstream, which is our third or fourth time there. I broke two strings. Great fun and a good night which included a stage invasion. We discovered the barman is the local SNP councillor if anyone’s interested, who gave us an interesting insight into Scottish borders politics. Saturday was Skaramanga in Nice and Sleazies in Glasgow in support of Dick Dangerous and the Love Bastards. The Bastards had a stunt bass player in the form of Mike Pepper, drummer for Taking Chase and formerly Pummel. We were missing Murray (hence the name change) who was busy messing around with his metal band Vantage Point and an Iron Maiden tribute band in Edinburgh, foolish boy. In these situations I usually do Murray’s vocals and guitar. I am kind of like a central defender than can play out of position. One memorable night last year saw us minus both Murray and Andy, so I was doing all the singing and guitar playing, which is like being the striker and the goalie at the same time. Good set and it’s good to play to a room that aren’t expecting us. I broke one string and was quickly furnished a replacement guitar thanks to Craig the Love Bastard. Thanks man. I’ve got your back, pimp tight, gnome saying.

Next weekend will see us return to the studio. We will be making a fresh start to the album now that Sam is up to speed with the material. It has taken a while to get this thing together but I am reminded that it took Leonardo more than three years to paint the Mona Lisa, and that it was still unfinished when he died. So our album is bound to be a masterpiece. Coloursound is still closed so we have relocated to Verden Studios. Watch this space for progress updates.

Our next gig is at Orange Street down at Studio 24. This is a special gig for us as we have invited our former front man and pie aficionado ‘Big’ Andy Laidlaw to join us on stage, so expect lots of old Bombskare tunes and classic ska covers. Nice.

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