McVities Credit Crunch


Some of you may have noticed that recently the price of everything seems to be going up. Plenty of talk about a so-called credit crunch and a looming recession or depression. I don’t know about you but I’m not concerned about the credit crunch. Sounds like some kind of delicious chocolate biscuit. And any talk about depression only makes it worse, because as everyone knows, all depression is psychological. Think positive.

For instance the huge increase in the cost of diesel has meant that there is, unfortunately, an increase in the cost of Ska. Most people are unaware that it is an expensive business transporting Ska, especially over long distance. So we took a positive approach to the problem and we have found the solution to the astronomical increase in the cost of diesel. From now on we are only going to play gigs that are downhill. Obvious of course, but that’s the genius of this plan, its simplicity. That’s how we ended up playing at Northumbria University in Newcastle the following day from our single launch in Edinburgh. You can see on a map that it’s downhill the whole way.

We met Jenny Bellestar of The Bellestars who was performing with Skaville UK. She made all of us a cup of coffee, which was very kind. Of course nowhere near as good as my famous java, which consists of extra black coffee, a raw egg and my own special ingredient, pure, concentrated ska. Usually three parts ska to two parts coffee. I was polite to her, naturally, as I choked her inferior java over my gag reflex. We also got to meet Rhoda Dakar again. Skaville UK were awesome that night especially because they were featuring Jenny Bellestar and Rhoda Dakar. Jenny sang an amazing version of 54 46. Awesome, like a ska version of Tina Turner. Thanks to Alan H for the photos.

We also did a bit of an impromptu gig at the caves a couple of weeks later. Some of you may have noticed that Sound Control has become Red Dog. The music store chain had gone into receivership and was going bust thanks to not thinking positive enough during this delicious so-called economic downturn. I’m telling you, its all psychological. Anyway the new owner saw us at our single launch and invited us to play at the Red Dog re-launch party at the caves. It’s good playing the Caves because it’s a bit like Bannermans on steroids; like being trapped in a coffin but with enough air to actually survive for a few days.

I would also like to say that we have now got a working, completed mix of our album. Not the final mix but an excellent first draft so to speak. Watch this space.

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