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The other week we continued our love affair with Orkney and the North. I took the first driving shift in the longest trip yet with our new battle bus. We still haven’t decided on a name. I suggested we name him Floyd, after my cat who ran away last month. He was big, white with balls, just like the van. We’d be happy to hear any suggestions. It was another one of those dawn departures and three hundred and some miles later we were on a boat to Orkney yet again. How can ten men have a love affair with an island you ask, men being mammals, and islands being large geographical formations in the sea? With Ska of course. Using the gift of Ska, and it is a gift, we seduced Orkney yet again into sweet submission. It used to be that we had a long drawn out and often tumultuous relationship with Shetland, but Shetland hasn’t called in some time, and people have to move on. We have to let the healing begin. Sniff! I have to say, I really like Orkney.

We played our first gig in Aviemore the following night. Joe drove the second shift, which means I got to kick back and have a few light refreshments. Café Mambo’s is a small place so we had the place jumping in no time. We played a cover of ‘Ali Baba’ by John Holt, which was a first. In addition the bar was right next to where we were playing so we could get Matt to order up drinks during songs. I used to think the highlands was a wild place, but that’s civilised. They made us feel welcome, and we’ll definitely be back soon. I also recommend the burritos. Thanks to Sam’s folks for putting up some of us for the night, and to the staff of the McDonald Hotel for putting up with the rest of us for the night. I took the third shift the following day and we were home by five.

Break from Bombskare gigs for a few weeks. Back at the end of the month in Dunfermline with Esperanza and Root System. I’ve been getting hassled about not playing in Edinburgh until the end of April. Still don’t have the details for that yet, but its going to be good. So be patient.

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