Shetland Rocks!

We have all safely returned from the mayhem of Shetland’s Up Helly Aa Festival. Everyone should visit Up Helly Aa once before they die, like visiting the Great Pyramid at Giza. To see it is one thing, but to be asked to participate is an amazing honour, like water sliding down the Great Pyramid of Giza. Three cheers for Squad 40 – ‘This is SKA’ for inviting us with them on one of the most memorable nights that we can’t remember that we’ve ever had. Thanks to our old friend Jeff Ampleford for inviting us up in the first place to play the Hop night, a man of such style like you’d not often find. Thanks to The Ampleford family, The Buckfuddies, The Revellers, Stevie and Amanda, Phil Hopwood for playing the part of Murray for the week, and to all our friends old and new on Shetland. You will be seeing us again.

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