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A Fistful of Dynamite – our first studio album released in 2009.

54 minutes and 46 seconds of thundering ska.


1. Fistful Of Dynamite

2. Beatriz

3. Crime Of The Century

4. Hand Of Fate

5. Don’t Give It All Away

6. My Life In The Nineties

7. Bondtrack

8. Desayuno con Carmela

9. Damaged Goods

10. World Turned Upside Down

11. Rather Die

12. Beatriz (Slight Return)

13. Panic Button

14. Force Ten from Navarone


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A Fistful Of Dynamite, Beatriz, Crime Of The Century, Hand Of Fate, Don't Give It All Away, My Life In The Nineties, Bondtrack, Desayuno Con Carmella, Damaged Goods, World Turned Upside Down, Rather Die, Beatriz Slight Return, Panic Button, Force Ten From Navarone


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