A Million Ways To Die – CD


The classic CD


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The classic CD has an extra track and comes served in the packaging format as the vinyl so you can shake and stir until your heart’s content as it isn’t as breakable as a jewel case. 

“Everything about this album, from the studio sessions to the creation of the artwork, feels like it’s somehow captured the energy of our live shows”, says guitarist Scott McCafferty. “When we were shooting the cover images Andy (Pennycuick, vocals) was actually hanging off the side of a 3 storey building with a martini glass in one hand. We hope that people have as much fun listening to it as we have had making it!”

Track List CD   1 See What You See| 2 Slow Lane|3 Wanna Be Famous| 4 Cakegate| 5 Sink Or Swim| 6 Just Another One| 7 A Million Ways To Die| 8 No Matter What| 9 Punchline| 10 Previous Ways| 11 Bad To Worse| 12 Keep Getting Up


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