BombskareThe Day The Earth Stood Stupid: CD



You can order your CD copy of 0ur 2nd studio album THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STUPID here


1. Catastrofuck (S McCafferty)

2. The Day The Earth Stood Stupid (S McCafferty)

3. Why? (M Graham)

4. Mr Undiplomatic (M Graham/A Pennycuick)

5.  Freedom 35 (S McCafferty)

6. Get Gone (S McCafferty)

7. Triplet Fiasco (M Graham)

8. Where Eagles Dare (S McCafferty)

9. Small Man Syndrome (M Graham)

10. Question Times (M Graham)

11. Ruari’s Dad (M Graham)

12. Do All Dogs Go To Heaven? (C McCafferty)

13. Home Alone (M Graham)

14. Dance Macabre (S McCafferty)

15. Lloyd Knibb (M Graham)


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