Ska explosion in the Kingdom!

Great night at The Path Tavern.

Great set from Big Hand as always. Joe Viterbo were awesome and they have the best backdrop banner I have ever seen. It must be twenty feet by thirty feet. Fucking enormous.

It was the first time for us at the Path, although Colin, Andy and I played there four years ago in our RATM tribute band, with our mates Certain Death who hail from Kirkcaldy originally. The place was stowed and it was a great night. Highlights include our famous cover of The Beatles’ “Birthday” for Rod, even though I am sure it wasn’t his birthday, and an interesting version of “Forget the Nineties” featuring Andy doing his famous mating warble. For an encore we played a new track “Panic Button” which went down well (if I do say so myself). But best of all no one was too drunk to play, ahem, and no one was hurt.

So in conclusion, Kirkcaldy rocks. And I promise never to be too drunk to play again because I have converted to Islam. Assalamu alaikum.


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