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>Can you believe that even when we play for seventy minutes people still think it is a short set. I dont know. There’s no satisfying some people. I’ve got a good mind to.. nah, who am I kidding. We love you all really. I think if most bands had played for seventy minutes you would think it was a decent sized show, but we be Bombskare and we be expected to absolutely exhaust the audience and if people havent collapsed and puked by the time of the encore then we are clearly not doing our jobs.

Saturday saw us back up to Cafe Drummond in Aberdeen. We were billed to support Skaville Uk who are a new ska band comprised of founding members of Bad Manners and The selecter. We knew two of them from gigs over the years, Martin and Nick who played keys and bass with both BM and the S. However when we arrived we discovered that they wanted to go on first so we were the headline. Skaville UK were good, even though they played less than seventy minutes (shocking), and sounded awesome for only their fourth gig in their current line up. During their set they very nicely told the audience that they thought Bombskare were one of the best ska bands in the country and that they had played with the best ska bands in the country so they should know. Aaaaw that was nice. Their sound was huge for a four piece, thanks to Martins lovely digital Hammond organ with leslie. We’ve always wanted to use a real hammond organ, but fuck moving the bloody thing

We went on without a soundcheck with a huge crowd already in attendance, and yet it sounded awesome thanks to Callum our stalwart engineer who just always seems to get it right. It was a terrific night, hot and sweaty. Thanks again to Reggae Dod, and to Toxic Effex Dod. I have heard a bootleg of this set and it was actually not too bad for a recording from the desk. Most times a desk will be set up for front of house so recordings tend to be heavy with drums and vocals. I always hate hearing recordings of gigs, especially gigs where I thought it was good. I’m nearly always disappointed with the recording. For once it actually reflected the gig pretty well, warts and all. All seventy minutes of it.

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  1. -ace says:

    >No problem, i enjoy your music and loved playing it on the show.

    I have put you on the links for our blog, and will transfer that over to our website once we get it running. If you could put a link up on your page that would be awesome, we are having some trouble getting on itunes and need all the traffic we can get.

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