So long and thanks for all the upbeats…


Well skare fans, it is time to announce that our beloved drum meister, Mister Vincent Van Bonnar is departing from the band to pursue other musical avenues. It is no understatement to say that band and fans alike will sorely miss him. He has contributed a huge amount to the band sound and our live performances over the last eighteen months. Fear not however, for I’m sure he will be making guest appearances as stunt drummer, because once you join the band you never really leave. We are a bit like the CIA in that regard.

So it is time now to reveal the identity of Bombskare’s new drummer…cue the drum roll… gosh it’s a bit like Doctor Who when he reincarnates… drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…………Tom Baker! Only kidding! The identity of our new drum machine is Sam McLeod. Fresh out of university, Sam is still undergoing Bombskare basic training, once he completes that he’s onto his Bombskare commando training followed by his zero G training, so it’s a lot to get through. Then he need to learn all those Specials covers. I’m sweating with fatigue just thinking about it. His debut performance will be at the Neilston Live Festival with our chums, the quite amazing Das Contras.

In the mean time our album is on ice until Sam is up to speed. More importantly Vini’s testimonial gig will be at Bannermans. I know six quid seems a bit pricey for Bannermans, but half the door money will given to Vini as a golden kick up the arse. He’ll be needing the cash to buy a huge pair of slippers and a telly for his retirement. And for your six quid you will be getting the longest Bombskare set imaginable. I mean, we will be playing everything. Everything. And we will be supported by our former front man, Big Andy and his band The One O Clock Guns. So it is bound to be a good night. And once you have danced your ass of at Bannermans, you can nip across the street to Cammy’s (our beloved first drummer) club Departure Lounge at the Caves, and hang out with the beautiful people. Aw hell its gonna be great.

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