Solar E Y E? Solar E Why No!


Wow. What an amazing weekend. And I didnt even get drunk properly, although I will say this. If a strange man approaches you at a gig and offers you crystal MDMA, punch him the teeth and run like hell, or alternatively say yes and take it off him and start licking his face.

We return to Inverness after the last time. We were late getting there because of peoples work and uni and babysitters but after a hair raising dash through the mountains we arrived only two hours late to set up. The place was already packed as we and the Disciples started soundchecking, which is far from ideal, as people get to see all that special preparation that goes on before the show which makes the ,eh, magic possible, such as Solareye Samurai getting into his make up, or our Andy P doing his carefully prepared ska meditation (eh medication, surely). Once we started the place erupted. The bouncers said it was the busiest it has been in a very long time. Quite a few were turned away. DOPE played a good set, which included a new track I hadn’t heard, and by the time we came on there wasnt room to move. I know there are quite a few people who doubted that you could get ten of us on to that stage. What can I say? We do it with mirrors. We played for more than an hour and included a cover of ‘Ghost Town’ by the Specials, the first time ever live (needs practice!). We also had some unusual audience participation on 54-46 as somebody preempted andys big solo intro. Its good to keep him on his toes.

Apologies to the inhabitants of the Eastgate hostel, that had the misfortune to have Bombskare and Disciples of Panic Earth land on them at three in the morning. They took it well.

The gig in Dingwall was even better. We had a nice relaxing saturday in Inverness followed by a nice slow drive through the mountains to Dingwall, and we had hours for a soundcheck. By the time we were ready to open it was sounding cracking thanks to our engineer Gareth. DOPE came on sporting their free gifts of Bombskare T shirts, which I’m sure they will tell you are top quality gear. Made them look very smart, I thought. They tried to convince the crowd that they were Bombskare, but the crowd werent buying it for a second. DOPE played a blinder and included a cover of Sir Psychosexy, that so pleased one girl she grabbed Solareyes mic off him for half a verse. I had been chatting to G-Rizzla earlier about how often I broke strings (thats a lot by the way) and he had been saying that he had never broke a string on stage before. So guess what happened. I just need to talk about breaking strings and it puts an unbearable tension on the strings.

By the time we came on the place was stowed. Within one song the suit jackets were off and so were the ties. And by half way through our set the place must have been a hundred degrees. When I came off stage there was steam rising off me. It was one of the hottest gig we have played since Bannermans last summer. Thanks to all the girls who had a shot at pole dancing around those two conviently placed poles near the stage. Even the guys were doing it. I guess we played about an hour and twenty minutes inluding most of our new tracks, and Inspector Gadget for an encore. Thanks to everyone involved; Robbie, Gareth, Steve, everyone at Hootenannies and the Rock, to Fraser, to Lara for driving Andy and Joe up and back, and of course to the Disciples of Panic Earth. The trip back was also quite a feat, but thats another story. We will be returning later in the year.

Apologies again to everyone about the confusion over our gig at the Bongo Club on the 4th of March in Edinburgh. We had been double booked at the Bongo (an uncharacteristic lapse on the part of the Bongo), which was a pain especially since we had 500 posters printed for promotion. It means that we cant get a big enough venue to play in Edinburgh until at least April. I know it seems like we are avoiding Edinburgh but its not. There has just been a slight fuck up, and for once it wasn’t us. Honest.

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