St. Andrews Day


Once again we apologise for the problems of late with everything web. I have been told there are problems with the hosting, which sounds pretty scary, like something from Alien. I’m sure it will all be sorted by the little elves that come in the night, just like every other time. The blog has also been a long time in being updated I’m afraid. Sorry about that.

We played in St Andrew’s recently with those slackers Big Hand and Joe Viterbo, at the student union. When I say recently, I mean about a month ago. It was our first time there and we really enjoyed ourselves, especially me as I wasn’t driving and was able to have a few refreshments, such is my want. Good gig, nice place. We’ve included some pretty good shots courtesy of our new bud Andrew Moore. He did Big Hands album shots, which are pretty cool. St Andrews also featured lots of hot band on band action as we invaded Big Hand’s set, and then they subsequently violated ours. It was rather shocking, frankly, especially to a sensitive chap like me, watching all these grown men, hard at it. Dreadful.

We did some live recording in our new rehearsal studio a couple weeks. Should be interesting. Also our single is almost ready. We’ve got the mastered tracks back from our man Jim Sutherland, and they sound grand. Just sorting out the artwork and what not and hopefully we should be doing a launch for it some time in June we think. No details as yet. Not even exactly sure which tracks will eventually be on it. It’s all very exciting….

Finally on a personal note, we would like to congratulate our pal Lara Brown on the birth of her twins, Robbie and Joel. All the best m’dear! We hope they are both as much trouble as their mum! X

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