Straight To Tape Sessions available on iTunes

The Straight To Tape Sessions are now available on iTunes .  Recorded live at Chambers Studio for Critical State Records, the aim of Straight To Tape is simple…to capture music at its best. No computers, no editing, no post-production, no overdubs. Just a band playing their music live in a studio, the producer mixing it live and the results going straight to 1/2” master tape.

We love playing live.  To us great music is created by a group of people playing live together. To record live is special.  Whatever we played is all that we recorded and all that the listener will hear. The interplay between the band, the producer and the slight imperfections and  vibe in the room has created a never-to-be-repeated ‘moment’.

The 4 tracks are 

Granton Ska Cause    Wake and Bake 

Honeymoon Without The Wedding    Yellow Pages

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