V for Vini


Very exciting day the other Saturday. As mentioned, Vini was depping. And we had two gigs. And he also had one gig. Which, in total, is three. There was some doubt as to whether we could do all sets especially since Vini was also working that day, but we vowed to try.

I vividly recall when I first met Vini. I met him through Andy, who used to play with him in The Flyers, many years ago. He brought him to visit me, about ten years ago. “Voilà! May I introduce, a humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of fate. Verily, this vichyssoise of verbiage veers most verbose, so let me simply add that it’s my very good honour to meet you and you may call me Vini.” That’s what he said, verbatim. Back then he had a tendency to melodrama. When the drummer position in Bombskare became vacant in early 2005, I immediately envisioned Vini in the job. He had depped for Mark. He knew all the songs. Even today, after vacating the drummer’s position in the band, Vini still plays a valuable part in the various Bombskare endeavours. As demonstrated clearly on Saturday. He came straight from work at Drum Central and got on stage with us. In addition we had only had one rehearsal with him, earlier that week so he was in the hot seat.

First gig was at the Ross Band Stand again, this time part of the Rat Race Urban Adventure event, complete with giant video screens and half pipes for BMX stunts. We played a reasonably short set from our voluminous repertoire, which included an impromptu Inspector Gadget. Impromptu in that we hadn’t rehearsed it with Vini so it was a bit risky, but he nailed it perfectly. Great victory! I don’t know why everyone loves that tune but there you go. I find it a bit vacuous. But who am I to contradict the Vox Populi. We were also being filmed as we were playing. There was definitely something very strange about seeing ourselves on ten foot screens as we were playing. A terrifying vision for most I daresay. As soon as we came off stage, Vini’s phone rang. His metal band, the Messiahs of Metal, were on stage at Henry’s Cellar Bar, waiting to start, minus a drummer, and considerably vexed. We raced up there at a dangerous velocity. Within five minutes he was on stage playing Anthrax and Black Sabbath tunes, still wearing his suit and tie, looking suitably en vogue. As soon as the volume of the last chord on ‘Into The Void’ had died out, we were back in the van, we vacated the place and were speeding off, violently, to The Big Event in North Berwick. It was vital we got there before ten.

We got to North Berwick with half an hour to spare. Very great success! We had missed the Tyrant Lizard Kings, Man of the Hour, Certain Death amongst others but caught the last of Catch It Kebabs who were excellent, full of vim and vigour. We went on and played a slightly different set to the one we had just played, but we included Gadget again because Vini was on fire. There were all sorts of varied people there; vagabonds, vixens, vigilantes. It was good to see so many youngsters jumping around. Obviously most gigs are over eighteens only, because they are usually in licensed premises, so usually the puir weans miss out on the Ska. Appalling. Especially since our music is so juvenile. Thanks to Ally and everyone for having us down there for a visit. Well done to Vini for remaining vivified and vitalised through three rapid gigs. What a star.

Next gig, Toots and the fucking Maytals. Yaaaass! Some vintage Ska! We’ll be needing plenty of vitamins for that. See you all there!

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