We Would Like To Thank….!


Just back from Los Angeles where we were collecting our Academy Award for Ska. Well technically it was Best Skank in a Ska category, but at last, undeniable proof that we are the best, and so to our rivals we say, get over it and move on with your lives. We are extremely honoured naturally but we couldn’t have done it alone. First of all we’d like to thank God of course, and Black Jesus. We’d also like to thank Tony Blair, Chairman Mao, Frank Sinatra, Calgacus, Lenny Henry, William Shatner, the cast of Only Fools and Horses and of course, all the great dead guitarists (you know who you are!) It’s not our first award of course. Several years ago we won the coveted Palme d’Ska, a great privilege, and it came with a crate of Kronenbourg. The Nobel Peace Prize for our work in the field of Ska. Then there are all the Bafta’s. In fact we don’t even bother showing up to collect our Bafta’s anymore.

Thanks again to all of you who braved the weather to come down to Club 54-46. Don’t know about you guys, but we had a great night. I’d never been to Potterrow before and it was bigger than I expected, a capacity of a thousand. I’d also never had a Jaeger Bomb before so there you go; it was a night of firsts. Big Hand were great as usual. Our set was about ninety minutes and included a few new tunes including ‘Question Times’ and ‘Just For You’, which we had only played once before, the previous week. Both went down well and sounded pretty strong. We also played ‘Catastrofuck’ and ‘Get Gone’. Not to mention all the standards, and our rendition of ‘Birthday’ for Phil Hopwood whose birthday it was. We’ve recorded ‘Birthday’ as part of our Beatles tribute EP that should be available on iTunes soon. We’ll keep you posted about that. Thanks to Jay, Cammy and Big Andy for joining us on stage during ‘Lies/ This Old Man’, and ‘Odd Frank’. Thanks to Baz and Tam for DJ-ing all night. They have some wicked tunes, some really rare ska that was always a high point when they DJ-ed at Dr No’s all those years ago. Nice work guys. And of course thanks again to Ingi and Big Hand for setting the whole thing up. I’m sure it will be happening again at some point.

Also last Friday we played at the new Doghouse in Dundee. I don’t know what happened to the old one but we prefer the new one; it’s a good size and the sound is pretty good. It’s been a while since we played in Dundee and we didn’t expect a huge crowd but we had a respectable turnout. Thanks to support band The Spectres who were excellent. We’ve played with them before I believe, at Phil and Jen’s wedding. It was a great night and we played one brand new tune that we have never played before, ‘Dance Macabre’, our scariest tune to date, yes, they can’t all be like ‘I’m So Happy’.

Believe it or not it’s about three weeks until our next gig. What the hell are we going to do for the next three weeks? Suggestions?

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