We’re Only Happy When We’re Listening To Ska


Just been listening to some Ska music. Hmmm, potent stuff. It actually gives me the munchies its that good. Yes, sometimes I’ll have two or three Ska a night and just go crazy. I know it sounds like I have a problem but don’t worry, I’ve got it under control.

In the horrific and unimaginable days before Ska, people used to do all sorts of crazy things for entertainment; dominos, ethnic cleansing, jazz. Frankly the mind boggles to think of it. No one knows for sure where Ska came from or how it was created. Some say that Prometheus stole it from the gods. A much more likely possibility is that it was created in the sixties by scientists at NASA who were working for the Pentagon, seeking a cure for Communism. Whichever explanation is correct I’m glad they did because, well, I’m only happy when I’m listening to Ska.

We played the West End Festival the other day. It’s great to play outdoors on a nice day. We spend too much time in the dark frankly. The Dark Star stage was set up on St Cresswell Street looking down onto Byers Road. Murray was on holiday, to Antarctica I believe, visiting relatives, so Andy and I shared Murray duties; Andy did the low bits and I did the high-pitched girly bits. Yes that’s right, Murray is a girl! I was also playing all the guitar parts, such as they are, and of course broke three strings over two guitars. Right at the beginning of Crime of the Century, second song of the set, I broke two strings simultaneously. In the entire history of guitar playing that has only happened one time before. And under similar circumstances too. We were playing at the Barrowlands in front of a thousand bodies and I broke two strings simultaneously on my pink Tele during the intro of Sally Brown. Damn and blast my shocking guitar abilities. I should just learn to play the fucking thing properly, save us a fortune. Luckily our buddy Matt Justice from the awesome Man Of The Hour was on hand to save the day by restringing my Schecter. He’s a real guitarist. We also had the opportunity to sell our first copy of our new single, ahead of our single launch next week. We sent Andy out into the crowd with a box of them. He nearly never made it back in one piece. Thanks to everyone especially Lara and Santi who brought the baby twins, our youngest fans apparently.

Next gig, The Bongo Club in Edinburgh, and our long awaited single launch, that is, long awaited by us. Get ready for a mammoth two-hour set, with brand new material and everything, for our long suffering and very patient home fans. It should be ok. Who am I kidding? It’s going to be great.

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