What The Fuck?


Just to clear a few things up, the information in The Scotsman was so spectacularly wrong it deserves a mention. The gig on Friday isn’t our album launch for Crime of the Century, it’s our album launch party for A Fistful of Dynamite; it’s not a fiver to get in its seven quid in advance and eight quid on the door; the support isn’t from Miyagi it’s Big Hand, The Meanies and Root System, and the doors are at seven thirty not seven. They got the band name right.

Also some of you may have noticed that Andy and I were on Leith FM this week talking about the new album. You may recall Kevin asking his listeners on the air if anyone knew where we were because we seemed to be a no show. That was because the jackass of a duty manager hadn’t told him we were sitting in the outer office signing our guest forms and without so much as a cup of tea, bastards. It wasn’t until I started to get loads of calls from various people saying that he was asking for our whereabouts on air that we finally realised the fuck up. Needless to say they were all mortified. Fucking clown shoes! Anyway we made it on the show eventually and Kevin was sound. We spent the next half hour basically talking shite and slagging the rest of the band, just like normal.

Also we will be doing a live session on Subcity Radio 106.6FM this Thursday. So that’s two radio appearances in one week. What the fuck…?

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