Who was that drunken maniac on guitar?


A memorable night at the Underworld again. Well, for some….

Thanks to Misled Youth and all who came to see us on the 12th at Bannermans. We were two men down; Murray was off watching Alice Cooper as you do, and Tom was in Norway, so it was always going to be slightly different. And then there was another setback, one which the band euphemistically calls the Scott McCafferty factor. Due to a full moon, Scott was replaced with a dangerous sociopathic menace, that had scant regard for the normal rules and norms of society under the best of circumstances. These weren’t the best of circumstances. After far too many refreshments, Scott had to be chloroformed unconscious a short time into the set, for the general good. An exorcism was performed later so everything was fine eventually. In spite of these setbacks the gig was not the best show from the boys but by no means the worst. Guest appearance from one time Bombskare front man and pie affionado Andy Laidlaw was a highlight.

The last few months have been pretty busy. With two more gigs this year, Kirkcaldy and Newcastle, we will begin recording the album at long last. For the last five months we have been averaging one gig a week, so finding the time to get into the studio and laying down fourteen tracks for drum and bass has been nigh on impossible. After Christmas we should be able to make a start. The album should include songs we have been gigging for a while but also lots of new stuff. So watch this space.

Next gig is The Path Tavern in Kirkcaldy with Big Hand and Joe Viterbo which is set to be a sell out. First time for Bombskare in the Kingdom since the Rothes Halls in March.

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