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A belated Happy New Year to everyone from Bombskare and once again I’d like to apologise for my unfortunate remarks at The UN. I realise now that Gaza is in fact a real place and not just a fat Geordie with a drinking problem. Sorry. Also there was no blog post at Christmas, although to be fair most of us in the band don’t really celebrate Christmas. Personally, I have nothing against Jesus; in fact he’s one of my favourite fictional characters along with Donald Duck, Frodo Baggins and Joseph Stalin. But come on now; born from dubious parentage, grows up to be a joiner, develops a messianic complex, not to mention a hippy beard and long hair, and ends up nailed to a bit wood. It sounds exactly like Colin. Except for the nailed to a bit wood part. Early days though. Also Colin preaches a slightly different gospel; less focused on the peace and love, more focused on the pain and disaster. Seriously though, we do worship him as our saviour.

However no prayers will save us from the almighty economic catastrophe that the world is facing just now. I’ve heard that Britain could be bankrupted because of the global financial meltdown (turns out the banks had most of our money riding on a horse), and worse; the sterling currency could be finished. Never fear dear reader, help is on hand.

After careful examination of the Scriptures, we have concluded that Ska will save us. It will be the new currency. A clean, refreshing currency, untainted with usury, and much more pleasant on the ears and legs. That’s right, a massive investment of Ska into the economy, to provide some stimulus is the only course open to us. Fuck the IMF, a massive injection of melody and rhythm, but this is no time for half measures, and to that end we propose the long awaited release of our long awaited album. Yes that’s right our launch party for ‘A Fistful of Dynamite’ will be at Studio 24 on Friday the 27th of February. The official release will be at a later date followed by a wee tour of the UK but in the meantime we will be having a celebration with The Amphetameanies, Big Hand and Root System and around five hundred of our closest friends, so come down and by us a drink.

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